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States Race to Restrict Deepfake Porn as It Becomes Easier to Create: Jake Morabito in Stateline

What we should be focusing on is harmful conduct use with AI.

Jake Morabito, ALEC’s Communications and Technology Task Force Director, was quoted in Stateline regarding the legislative actions being taken across the states addressing the harmful conduct being done using deepfakes such as pornography. In addition, the article referenced ALEC model policies that can be utilized to tackle this issue.

The American Legislative Exchange Council, a conservative public policy organization, is promoting model language for state lawmakers to use that would target individual actors rather than technology developers. The Stop Deepfake CSAM Act is intended to supplement laws against child pornography, while the Stop Non-Consensual Distribution of Intimate Deepfake Media Act aims to bolster revenge porn laws.

“Artificial intelligence is a tool that can be used for good or used for ill,” said Jake Morabito, who heads a technology task force at the organization. “What we should be focusing on is harmful conduct use with AI. So, we should go after the bad actors and the harmful conduct, but don’t go after the people who are making the software.”

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