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 National: States in For Fiscal Crises Without Reining in of Irresponsible Spending.

California: Despite Warnings of Recession, Gov. Brown’s Budget Proposal Massively Hikes Spending.

California: Looming Budget Struggle As Money Continues to Flee State.

Idaho: State Makes Targeted Budget Cuts in Response to Looming Shortfall.

Iowa: Gov. Reynolds Considers Targeted Cuts, Reforms to Balance 2018 Budget.

Louisiana: Billion Budget Shortfall Could Mean Big Cuts, Lawmakers Need More Fiscal Restraint.

Montana: State Makes Line-Item Budget Reductions, Facing $227 Million Shortfall.

Nebraska: Lawmakers Seeking Budget Reforms, Studying Prioritization.

New Jersey: Even While Running Out of Money, NJ Governor Wants Higher Spending.

New York: State Will Use Nine New Taxes and Fees to Rake in $1 Billion More Revenue.

New York: State is “Over-governed” – No Budget Reforms, Cuts, Even While State Faces Budget Shortfall, Economic Decline.

Oklahoma: State Considers Tax Hikes to Bridge $100 Million Budget Shortfall.

Oklahoma: In Spite of Looming Budget Crisis, State Gives Substantial Pay Raises for Some Staff.

Rhode Island: Local Schools Facing Budget Cuts Due to Rising Healthcare, Benefits Expenses.

Wyoming: Despite $140 Windfall from Oil Severance Tax, State Faces Budget Shortfall.



National: “Everything is Overvalued” – Public Pensions Face Dangerous Dilemma In 2018.

National: Only One Report Has Aggregate State Pension Funding Level Above 50 Percent, Looming Insolvency Crisis Noted.

Arizona: Phoenix City Councilman Aims to Reduce Public Pension Debt, Calls for Reform.

Arkansas: City of Hot Springs Pays Off Its Share of Public Pension Debt, Showing Fiscal Responsibility.

California: 2018 Will May Be a Decisive Year for  Pension Reforms in California.

California: Rising Local Teacher Pension Costs Forcing School Budget Cuts.

Connecticut: State Teacher’s Pension Debt Soaring Amid Mismanagement.

Florida: Local Public Pensions Beginning to Take Financial Toll.

Illinois: Pension Liabilities Chief Among Causes of State’s Economic Decline, Fiscal Doom, State Bond Default Looms.

Iowa: State Pension Debt Grows by $462 Million, Threatens State Finances.

Kentucky: Budget Deal Still Awaiting Pension Reform.

Michigan: Traverse City Faces $29.8 Million Pension Debt.

New Jersey: Public Pension Debt Threatens State Budget.

New York: Pension Divestment from Fossil Fuels Threatens Retirees, Long-Term Solvency.

Pennsylvania: State must address its troubling financial trajectory.

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Smart budgeting is vital to a state’s financial health. The ALEC State Budget Reform Toolkit offers more than 20 policy ideas for addressing today’s shortfalls in a forthright manner, without resorting to budget gimmicks or damaging tax increases. One way to stabilize budgets over time is to embrace…

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