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Washington Seeks to Empower Government While States Seek to Empower Individuals: Jonathan Williams on NTD News

The difference between the states and Washington couldn't be wider.

ALEC Chief Economist and Executive Vice President of Policy Jonathan Williams told NTD News this week states are reducing the size and scope of government while federal leaders are expanding it.

There is a stark difference now in the type of governance we are seeing between the states and the federal government. Leaders in Washington think what you produce is theirs, and they want to take more of it. That’s very different from what we are seeing at the state level, where lawmakers are seeking to empower individuals. States are working to become more economically competitive by cutting excess spending and reducing taxes.

Meanwhile, Washington, D.C. is broken when it comes to overspending. Washington has accumulated $31.5 trillion in national debt. And as we have all seen, that is one of the drivers of inflation. At the state level, you see a much different approach. States are crafting budgets that empower the taxpayer and return money to them when they have a surplus.

The difference between the states and Washington couldn’t be wider.