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When It Comes To Kansas, What’s The Matter With Leftists?

On Friday, New York Magazine author Eric Levitz published a Left wing rant highly critical of tax reforms Kansas implemented in 2012. The back-benchers at Salon, predictably followed. The article, ironically published during Sunshine Week, severely muddled the process and impact of Kansas’ tax reforms – not to mention economic reality. Further, it misrepresented research conducted by the respected non-partisan Kansas Policy Institute (KPI). KPI is a leading state-based organization invested in the long-term health of the Kansas economy.

KPI cares, unlike the many Left-wing commentators who only deign to discuss “flyover states” insofar as they can fabricate a big-government narrative. Aside from the brief recap of how Kansas’ tax reforms came into existence, Levitz also attempted to tie each remaining Republican Presidential candidate to the reforms, telling the reader to “demand that Donald Trump, John Kasich, and Ted Cruz explain why their tax policies won’t fail America in the same way they’ve failed the people of Kansas.” This rhetorical sleight of hand betrays Levitz’s biggest flaw – it’s Kansas’ tax plan, not Trump’s, Kasich’s or Cruz’s. That each candidate must be made to answer for one state’s reforms is a conclusion derived from strained logic. None of the remaining candidates worked on the 2012 tax reforms, and each of their actual plans have several distinguishing elements.

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