Why Biden Admin’s Latest Push for EVs, Wind, and Solar Is Likely Headed to the Supreme Court: Joe Trotter in The Epoch Times

EPA rules will 'force progressive lifestyle choices' on all Americans, critics say

Joe Trotter, ALEC Energy, Environment and Agriculture Task Force Director, recently spoke with The Epoch Times about the EPA’s new proposal to force the United States’ electricity network and automotive industry to shift production to wind and solar energy and electric vehicles (EV).

Federal agencies such as the EPA “are way outside of their mandate set by Congress,” Joe Trotter, director of the American Legislative Exchange Council’s energy, environment, and agriculture task force, told The Epoch Times. “They do not, and should not, have the power to make huge sweeping changes to the American, and ultimately the global, economy through regulatory fiat.”

“Sometimes, this administration doesn’t learn its lesson the first time around,” Trotter said.

“It’s just not realistic to have all these goals happen the way they’re being laid out,” Trotter said. “You’ve seen huge increases in the prices of things like lithium, copper, and aluminum, which are all necessary to make electric vehicles. Far more of it is needed for EVs than for traditional cars.”

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