Model Policies

Model Policies (page 49)

  • Pollution Prevention Act image

    Pollution Prevention Act

    Pollution Prevention Act Summary ALEC’s model Pollution Prevention Act is designed to ensure public health and safety through the reduction in the use and release of toxic chemicals…

  • Treatment Center Accountability Act image

    Treatment Center Accountability Act

    Treatment Center Accountability Act Summary This Act would require public treatment centers to track participants in their programs for at least one year to assess whether they are staying…

  • Elimination of Double Recoveries Act image

    Elimination of Double Recoveries Act

    Summary  ALEC’s model Elimination of Double Recoveries Act allows the admission into evidence of proof of collateral source payments made or likely to be made as compensation for…

  • Career Ladder Opportunity Act image

    Career Ladder Opportunity Act

    Career Ladder Opportunity Act Summary Both merit pay and career ladder systems have at their roots the larger idea of a performance-based reward system, a concept of rewarding…