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Attacks against ALEC are misguided | The Indianapolis Star

A recent letter to the editor (“ALEC has huge influence in Indiana”) made misleading comments about the American Legislative Exchange Council, an organization to which I belong. Bringing state legislators, research analysts and entrepreneurs together to develop effective policy solutions is common sense; something desperately needed in today’s government.

ALEC meetings include informational presentations, policy debates and idea exchanges informing lawmakers about legislative proposals that have worked or failed in other states.

ALEC members typically believe government is too big and its bureaucratic regulations, taxes and fees stifle the private sector’s ability to expand businesses and create jobs. We also believe the federal government takes too much power out of state and local hands, and the policies we develop address these issues to improve our local communities and state economy.

Many Hoosiers share these views, regardless of political party.

Attacks against ALEC are either a result of ignorance and misinformation or a willful desire to deceive and silence competing ideas. Thankfully, readers can make up their own minds by reading about ALEC, its mission and adopted model policies at

We welcome debate, but it is time to stop criticizing the sharing of ideas. Ideas, not insults, are needed to create jobs and foster a healthy economy.

State Sen. Jim Buck