2024 Solutions Spotlight: Maintaining Energy Reliability and Affordability

Every product used in our day-to-day lives is impacted by the price of energy.

While global instability upended energy prices throughout the world last year, 2024 is a chance for state governments to make sensible, market-based decisions concerning the costs and reliability of the fuels and infrastructure that power our nation. Reliability and affordability are two of the most important drivers of our economic system.

There is an increasing trend of shuttering traditional power plants before new generation sources are online and ready to operate that must be reversed. By closing power plants before their replacements are ready, Americans are at increased risk for rolling blackouts, especially during critical periods such as height of summer and dead of winter.

However, energy costs have a much larger impact on society than the utility bills paid at the end of the month. Energy costs are inextricably linked to agricultural production and modern transportation. From the cost of fertilizer, which is primarily a product of natural gas, or the cost of freight shipment, which is primarily powered by diesel, almost every aspect of every product used in our day-to-day lives is impacted by the price of energy.

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In Depth: Energy

It is difficult – and perhaps even impossible – to overstate the relationship between readily available access to safe, affordable and reliable energy and individual prosperity and economic wellbeing. This is because energy is an input to virtually everything we produce, consume and enjoy in society. Think for a minute…

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