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Energy Prices Impact Holiday Plans

New report evaluates how state policies directly influence electricity, gas, and diesel prices.

Arlington, Va. – Today, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is proud to announce the release of its 3rd annual Energy Affordability Report. A breakdown of energy prices throughout the country, the analysis demonstrates the relationship between high energy costs and big government policies.

“With Thanksgiving travel and holiday shopping right around the corner, it’s important for states to embrace the free market and shun over-regulation in order to provide their citizens with the best energy prices possible,” said ALEC’s Energy, Environment and Agriculture Task Force Director Joe Trotter, who authored the report. “Those choices, when coupled with the staggering rate of inflation, could mean the difference between happy holidays or finding nothing under the tree.”

View state rankings here.

The report shows in stark terms how government mandates driven by political interests often pick winners and losers in individual energy markets, causing, at best, skyrocketing costs through poor investment decisions.

Lowest Electricity Prices Highest Electricity Prices
1. Idaho 1. Hawaii
2. Wyoming 2. Alaska
3. Utah 3. California
4. Oklahoma 4. Massachusetts
5. Nevada 5. Rhode Island


Lowest Gasoline Prices Highest Gasoline Prices
1. Mississippi 1. California
2. Arkansas 2. Hawaii
3. Oklahoma 3. Washington
4. Kansas 4. Arizona
5. Missouri 5. Nevada


Lowest Diesel Prices Highest Diesel Prices
1. Oklahoma 1. Hawaii
2. Texas 2. California
3. Mississippi 3. Washington
4. Kansas 4. Massachusetts
5. West Virginia 5. North Dakota


In addition to analyzing state electricity prices, the report compares states in three primary and common energy policies: Renewable Portfolio Standard, Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative/Cap-and-Trade, and State-Mandated Net Metering.

Read the complete report here.

“As Americans continue facing risks to their energy needs, recent government policies implemented in the name of political agendas ignore the real-life realities Americans face as a consequence,” said Trotter.

New to the 3rd edition of the Energy Affordability Report is an expanded look at diesel fuel. Powering 75% of all farm equipment, 97% of the nation’s large cargo trucks, and more than 2 billion tons of cargo being shipped to and from America’s shores, diesel fuel prices impact nearly every section of the American economy.

“Now more than ever, Americans realize the need to have affordable and dependable sources of energy,” noted ALEC Executive Vice President of Policy and Chief Economist Jonathan Williams. “Our new report highlights some of the key policy choices state policymakers face as they work to make their states more affordable for hardworking taxpayers and more competitive for job creators.”

“As Americans head into winter, many are worried about the rising cost of heating their homes,” said ALEC CEO Lisa B. Nelson. “This report serves as an ideal tool for policymakers seeking to provide their states with more affordable energy options.”

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