International Trade

ALEC Congratulates Taiwan on Presidential Election

Last month Tsai Ing-wen was elected Taiwan’s next president with 56.1 percent of the vote. The first woman to hold the office, President-elect Tsai will be inaugurated on May 20, 2016. ALEC is optimistic about what her Administration might bring, not the least of which because she has expressed an interest in seeing Taiwan participate in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). ALEC has long had model policy supporting TPP negotiations and welcomes the flexibility that the agreement affords to add new members. ALEC CEO Lisa B. Nelson congratulated Lyu Shun Shen, Taiwan’s Representative to the United States on the completion of a free and democratic election.

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In Depth: International Trade

International trade creates and supports millions of American jobs that offer higher than average wages and drive economic growth. As a testament to the strength of American entrepreneurship, the vast majority of U.S. exporters are not large corporations but small to medium-sized enterprises. Those that doubt the power of global…

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