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States Must Be Fiscally Responsible: Jonathan Williams on American Radio Journal

The war on inflation is far from over.

ALEC Executive Vice President of Policy and Chief Economist Jonathan Williams details on this latest American Radio Journal commentary on states being fiscally responsible.

Have you heard the news? According to Paul Krugman, economist at the failing New York Times, “The war on inflation is over.” In a post on X, the former Enron adviser included a chart of inflation that excluded food prices, energy prices, cost of shelter, and US cars prices. In other words, he excluded nearly everything in the inflation index. It gives us a good understanding of how high inflation actually is.

The Post was so egregiously misleading, that X factchecking and X users in the comment section were more than happy to correct Krugman’s blatant errors. Contrary to what the ivory tower folks like Paul Krugman and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen claim, the inflation we have been living with now for the last two plus years is not transitory, and the war on inflation is far from over.

Listen to the full commentary below.

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