Regulatory Reform

Commerce, Insurance and Economic Development at ALEC’s 2021 States and Nation Policy Summit

As part of the ALEC States and Nation Policy Summit in December 2021, the Commerce, Insurance and Economic Development (CIED) Task Force offered several opportunities for attendees to learn about a diverse range of policy topics.

At the task force meeting, the CIED Task Force considered three new model policies and a set of amendments to an existing model policy. All were approved by the Board of Directors and are listed below.

  1. Statement of Principles on Ending Home Equity Theft

This statement of principles outlines best practices when reforming government seizure of property to ensure that the involved third parties receive only the money they are owed and that the homeowner receives any remaining balance.

  1. Targeted Legislative Review Act

This policy creates a Legislative Economic Analysis Unit (LEAU) to (1) provide independent economic analysis and other information relevant to the conduct of the Legislature’s oversight and legislative duties and (2) determine whether a regulation meets the criteria of a major rule. If the regulation determined to be a major rule, this policy would require the regulation to be submitted to and passed by the legislature if it is to be enacted.

  1. Accountability in Rule Making Act

This Act seeks to increase the accountability of the executive in rulemaking decisions by requiring the governor of a given state to approve final regulations before an agency can publish a new rule.

  1. Establishing a Public-Private Partnership (P3) Office Act – Amended

This Act establishes an Office of Public-Private Partnerships to identify and develop public-private partnerships and approve qualified proposers, procurement documents, and template contracts. The Act is designed to improve public operational efficiency and environmental performance, promote public safety, attract private investment in the state, and efficiently allocate risk.

CIED also offered other opportunities for policy education and insights through an offsite experience and special sessions at the summit. 

At both a special visit to the Port of Los Angeles and a conference workshop, ALEC members and guests learned from industry and issue experts about the complicated challenges, regulations, and contracts that face ports and port workers and that continue to contribute to historic supply chain delays and breakdowns. Reforms like addressing the Jones Act took center stage as speakers and audience members discussed possible solutions.

Another workshop featured a panel of policy experts examining how some government regulations and processes can raise housing prices and reduce supply by restricting where, when, how, and what housing gets built. Improving rezoning protest petitions, creating housing appeal boards, and allowing accessory dwelling units were just some of the reforms discussed as possible solutions for the expanding housing crisis.

The next ALEC conference is the ALEC Annual Meeting. It runs from July 27th through July 29th and will be located in Atlanta, GA. Registration opens soon.

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