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Emmett Talks Campus Free Speech in Michigan Senate

Shelby Emmett, Director of the ALEC Center to Protect Free Speech returned to her home state of Michigan and joined Stanley Kurtz in schooling the Michigan Senate Judiciary Committee [starts at 54:10] on the importance of free speech to students.
Contributor for Mlive, Brian McVicar quotes Emmett’s response to Sen. Steve Bieda, D-Warren’s statement concerning the lack of need for campus free speech laws,

“I think it’s horrific that a young person has to take time out of their day to go sue somebody because their fundamental rights were violated”.

Click here to watch the full testimony.

In Depth: Free Speech

Freedom of speech is paramount for the American system of government and American culture. Born from revolution, American society has been created, evolved and progressed based in part, on the First Amendment. More specifically, free speech allows individual’s to use their own voice to ensure “We the People” would control…

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Free Speech