Regulatory Reform

Rothschild: “4 reasons that ‘Rich States, Poor States’ matters”

By Dan Rothschild

Dan Rothschild responded to yesterday’s release of ALEC’s ‘Rich States, Poor States’ report:

“In a presidential election year, all eyes are focused on Washington and the top-of-the-ticket horse races. But a lot of the policy that touches our lives closely happens on the state level, including important tax and regulatory policies . . . Intelligent people can argue about which taxes matter and the incidence of those taxes. And likewise, we can discuss the best ways (and right amount) to invest in infrastructure, education, and public goods. But on the margin, better policies bring capital and employees, and poor policies cause capital and worker flight.”

On AEI’s The Enterprise Blog, Rothschild highlights four reasons why state policymakers should pay attention to ‘Rich States, Poor States’:

Download the 5th edition of ‘Rich States, Poor States’:

Dan Rothschild is the Director of Coalition Relations at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI)

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