International Relations

The Ukraine War from a European Perspective: Karla Jones Speaks with Amb. Marek Magierowski

We are again confronted with pure evil

ALEC Federalism, Homeland Security & International Relations Task Force Senior Director Karla Jones sat down with His Excellency Marek Magierowski, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to the United States to discuss the war in Ukraine from a European and, more specifically, a Polish perspective.

Amb. Magierowski:

We are now experiencing, and we are facing together, a test of the unity of the Western alliance or, to use a broader definition, a test for the cohesion of the Free World. I’m using this term deliberately, recalling vocabulary we used during the Cold War, it was a clash of the Free World and the Soviet Union. They are a communist regime based on oppression, on lack of freedom of speech, and many other things we shared at the time.

As a nation, we always aspired and had the ambition to become part of the West, and that’s why I do believe there are values that still unite us. Talking about Western Alliance and the Free World I think this is a déjà vu situation for many of us. A new Cold War, we are again confronted with pure evil – a term I have been using abundantly in my talks here as Polish Ambassador to the United States.

Listen to the full discussion here.