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Wage Gains, Tax Cuts, and the Education Freedom Alliance: Jonathan Williams on the Tim Jones & Chris Arps Show

We celebrated the 12 states cutting income tax rates, because they know that it is one of the most effective ways to produce job growth and produce a better and more prosperous economy for everyone.

Jonathan Williams, ALEC Chief Economist and Executive VP of Policy, joined The Tim Jones and Chris Arps Show on NewsTalk STL speaking on wage gains, his Daily Caller article ‘Good Things Happen To States That Cut Taxes‘, and the launch of The Education Freedom Alliance, a new coalition that aims to expand education freedom and opportunity for all.

We all want it to be happy times. I don’t think it’s the case quite yet. Throughout the Biden administration, we’ve seen record inflation that has eaten away at those wage gains. While the nominal number may look good in some of these reporting periods, let’s not forget the real number with real wage growth has actually been negative during the Biden administration after very strong gains during the Trump years.

This is something that oftentimes gets neglected by the mainstream media and certainly by those that are paid to give the spin on these types of issues.

Listen to the full interview here.