January CEO Update

If you were with us in 2023, be with us again in 2024. And if you weren't, then please, jump aboard. We're doing great things here at ALEC.

What a day, what a month, what a year!

Celebrating 50 years of trusted policy solutions as we pulled out all the stops to make sure we visited all 50 states before 2023 came to a close, spreading the word of limited government, free markets and federalism. Stronger than ever, with more than 1,000 new legislators joining ALEC in 2023, we hold tight to the belief that some of those over-taxing, over-regulating states will eventually see the error of their ways and move from the naughty to the nice list.

Speaking of the naughty list, I’m sure most of you watched in horror as presidents from three leading universities testified on antisemitism in front on Congress and declared that a call for genocide is acceptable depending on the context. Harvard’s president even went as far to say calls for the genocide of Jews would fail to violate the university code unless the speech “crosses into conduct” — as in actually committing genocide!

Now I know it’s been a few years since some of us have walked the halls of our respective universities, but during my days at Berkeley, you could get called in front of the disciplinary board for a lot less than wiping out an entire race of people.

Since then, one of those three presidents have resigned. The other two, including Harvard President Gay, are standing strong with the support of their boards (UPDATE: Claudine Gay Resigns). This makes me question their motives, their beliefs, and the moral fiber of those universities for standing behind a leader who would leave at risk the students they are charged to protect.

You might remember how several states have adopted our model resolution to affirm state support for Israel, encourage other US states to adopt similar resolutions, and condemn Hamas’ October attack. Oklahoma is poised to become the next state to adopt the resolution in the upcoming legislative session, with ALEC Board Member and State Chair Sen. Julie Daniels and ALEC State Chair Rep. Mark Lepak leading the way in the Sooner State. Our model resolution is one of ALEC’s Essential Policy Solutions for 2024.

There are, of course, happier memories from 2023. With almost 1,600 people at our Annual Meeting in Orlando featuring Gov. Ron DeSantis and nearly another 1,000 in Scottsdale for our States and Nation Policy Summit with former Governor Doug Ducey and a message from U.S. Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, ALEC has experienced a level of growth and excitement that was impossible to predict. For those who missed out, you can catch up on our YouTube Channel here.

It was also a banner year for new ALEC resources. We launched the 16th edition of ALEC’s Rich States, Poor States at the Utah State Capitol in April. We also published the first edition of The ALEC Index of State Education Freedom, the 3rd edition of our Energy Affordability Report, our American City CountyExchange’s (ACCE) Balancing State & Local Power, and more.

We held 15 legislator academies – from Colorado to California, Wyoming to Tennessee, New York to Arkansas, and beyond – where we shared our trusted policy ideas on economic opportunity, energy affordability, protecting states from CCP influence, and more.

In October, members, supporters (including sitting members of the U.S. House & Senate), and ALEC alumni gathered to celebrate our 50th anniversary at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC. Emceed by nationally syndicated radio host Hugh Hewitt and headlined by Virginia Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears, we paid homage to our founders, recognized our accomplishments, and honored the best and brightest of our young leaders from across the nation, who were named to our 50 Under 50 list.

Throughout the year, ALEC was guided by our National Chair, Florida Speaker-Designate Danny Perez. An incredible talent and rising star, we anticipate bigger and better things for our friend down in Miami and thank him for his leadership. Taking the lead for ALEC in 2024 is Kansas Senate President Ty Masterson. A long-time board member and legislative technician, Ty’s primary goal is to assume on the responsibilities of his chairmanship with the same attack and effectiveness as Danny Perez.

We’re going to need Ty’s help. And we’re going to need your help too. Though we may have accomplished a great deal in 2023, there is still a great deal left to be done. We need to empower parents with more education freedom for their children, keep our communities safe, and expand economic opportunity for job creators and everyday Americans who have given their lifeblood to this nation in the name of honor, God, and country.

If you were with us in 2023, be with us again in 2024. And if you weren’t, then please, jump aboard. We’re doing great things here at ALEC. Big things. Changing lives and changing dreams. It won’t be easy. But, in the end, it will be well worth it.

Welcome to 2024.