Press Release

ALEC Statement on the Hamas Attack on Israel

In response to Hamas’ barbaric acts of terror against Israel, the American Legislative Exchange Council released the following statements:

“We are outraged and heartbroken by the unprovoked terrorist attacks perpetrated by Iranian-backed Hamas against Israel. As our great ally in the Middle East, Israel has the unwavering support of ALEC and our members across the 50 states. The United States must not hesitate to stand by Israel in this critical moment.”
ALEC CEO Lisa B. Nelson

“After a weekend of shocking, unprovoked, and unprecedented terrorist attacks resulting in over 700 deaths, Israel is now rightly moving forward to destroy Hamas to ensure this can never happen again.  As they do so, we express our solidarity with and support for the people of Israel and their absolute right to defend themselves against these brutal attacks. Israel is our friend and ally, and we stand with them strongly and unequivocally.”
Texas Senator Phil King, ALEC Board of Directors

“We unequivocally condemn Hamas’ unjustified and savage attack against Israel and stand united with our likeminded, democratic partner and vital strategic ally. ALEC support for Israel is longstanding and transcends politics due to our shared values and our robust strategic partnership.”
Karla Jones, Sr. Director, Federalism, Homeland Security & International Relations, ALEC

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