50 Years of Trusted Policy Solutions

by Lee Schalk, Gretchen Baldau, Nick Stark, Nino Marchese, Karla Jones & Andrew Handel


For 50 years, ALEC has stood as the bedrock for state legislators who believe in free market principles that uphold limited government and amplify our Founding Fathers’ vision of federalism.

In honor of our 50th anniversary, we produced a video series to highlight six of our greatest policy accomplishments since 1973. These policy wins are explored in depth in this publication.

  • ALEC’s Labor of Love: A History of Championing Worker Freedom
  • ALEC’s Flagship Guide to Economic Growth: Rich States, Poor States
  • ALEC’s Success on Civil Justice Reform
  • ALEC’s Impact on Criminal Justice Reform
  • ALEC’s Guiding Principle of Federalism: A Uniquely American Governing Construct
  • ALEC’s Pursuit of Education Freedom

As we reflect on these accomplishments and consider the possibilities waiting for us in the next five decades, ALEC remains steadfast in our commitment to pursue the best of policy ideas, extend the cause of freedom, and provide opportunity in the 50 “laboratories of democracy.”

Watch the complete series below.